How to Contact ARG

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Phone: 513-941-1116

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Have a disc to review?
ARG maintains a policy that anything we review must exist in CD form (not just a file on the web) and must be available to readers who don’t shop on the internet. There must be a US distributor or dealer, a mailing address or phone number. If you send us something to be reviewed, please include that information. We do not review many items sent to us because we haven’t a clue how our readers could find them.

We cannot notify you when it has been reviewed, but if you give us an address we will send tear sheets (again, not electronically). If there is a distributor, the tear sheet will normally go there.

No Voice-Mail at ARG
The purpose of the telephone–and its glory–is instant communication. If we are here, we answer the phone. To let a machine answer the phone is to delay the communication, thus defeating the very purpose of the telephone. Our phone number is 513-941-1116. You will not get a machine.

Web sites are not human. They make more mistakes and waste more of your time than a human being would. If you’d rather deal with a person, callus. You will not get a machine, but you may have to try more than once.